Learn more about our network of generous contributors, who have shared their collections with the Taranaki Media Archive.

Roy Lovell

During the 50’s and 60’s Roy made over 40 films depicting all manner of events and people throughout Taranaki. Fortunately they survived and now form an important section in the “collections” on our website

Tony Kelly (Kelly Videos)

Tony Kelly has been making videos in Taranaki for over 30years. He was the “stringer” for both TV Channels and has also made TV commercials as well as a collection of documentaries coving a wide variety of events in the Province.  The TMA has been given access to Tony’s library and we are gradually loading them up for you to enjoy.

Ray Cleaver

A few years ago Ray Cleaver was been funded by the TET to make a collection of DVD’s featuring ex WW2 Taranaki Service people. Their stories are fascinating – all the more so as not too many of them are now still with us to share their experiences. This is the first time that the collection has had a general release for everyone to see. There were 65 people interviewed and we are gradually         re-digitising and putting them up on our website.

Bryan Vickery (Bryan Vickery Media)

Bryan Vickery has been collecting video stories of people /places and events in Taranaki for the last few years. They are available on Face Book, but they are also now on our website for non facebook users to view.

Len Jury

Lens’s father Stan filmed a lot of Taranaki events in the 50’s and 60’s. Len has kindly given us access to Stan’s collection and we hope to gradually release them in the months to come.