Rail-carts through the Forgotten World – Part 1 Okahukura to Tangarakau – VIDEO


Rail-carts through the Forgotten World – Part 1 Okahukura to Tangarakau

This is my favourite railway adventure to date, where else can you be your own train driver? Parts of this video were uploaded back in 2014, since then there have been some significant improvements in editing software, including stand alone “Steady Software” from Mercalli and my main editing program from Pinnacle Studio (currently Version 23). I have taken advantage of the latest software upgrades to get the best from the original video taken in 2014.                                                                                                   Okahukura is located in New Zealand’s Central North Island, in this video we cover the first part of the full route between Okahukura and Stratford in a specially modified golf cart, adapted to run on rails. Part 1 covers (Okahukura to Tangarakau). “Forgotten World Adventures” obtained a lease on the tracks from KiwiRail in 2012, by the time of my visit the operation was established, offering a variety of tours, ranging from short half day tours to 3 day whole line tours that included returning to Taumarunui along the Whanganui River in a jet boat. An early rise was required to meet the rest of the group at the Forgotten World Adventures headquarters in Taumarunui. We were given instructions about the rail-carts and rules of the road, along with a short history about the railway, before climbing into a minibus for the short journey to the start point where the carts were ready and waiting. The early morning mist was still hanging just above the rails giving the place a ghostly atmosphere. We headed off into the fog; fortunately it wasn’t too long before the sun burned the mist away revealing a perfect day. Please join me for a fascinating journey through a landscape that time forgot, especially the awesome, prehistoric Tangarakau Gorge, where we half expected to come face to face with a dinosaur around every corner.    1:12:58


Rail Cart Adventure
Central Taranaki

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