Te Kupu o Te Uru 2023. 16th – 20th of April 2023. Te Reo with some subtitles – VIDEO


Te Kupu o Te Uru 2023. 16th – 20th of April 2023.   –   VIDEO

Welcome back to this episode of Te Kupu o Te Uru 2023. 16th – 20th of April 2023.

This is an overview of the reports that have aired over the past week.

Guide Bird Alana Broughton talks about the inside scoop from all of the past week’s reports.

Here are the reports listed:

He is the Māori netball star. Many winds blew down Taranaki mountain or Ngā Motu. This is an important project that continues to grow and is proud of the spirit and spirit of Māori.

Te Kāhui Maunga, i.e. the people from Taranaki, were united as one, the Whanganui were united with Ngāti Apa, Ngā Wairiki with Ratana pā. The theme of this event is to welcome Te Mauri o Te Matatini. This invitation is a very special occasion for Te Mauri o Te Matatini. This is the first time that Ngati Whātua and Te Matatini’s Central Committee have accepted this responsibility. Even the iwi of Te Kāhui Maunga.

Te Hui Aranga has also risen like the resurrection of the Lord. This report follows the ebb and flow of Te Hui Aranga and St. Peter Hanera’s Whanganui group. Due to the attack of cholera the Easter Festival was canceled. This year it will rise again in Tauranga.

This is the opening of Mere Tapu Church in Nga Motu in Taranaki. Then the important day was this. The Ngati Hauā tribe of Waka Tainui was founded on the links of their ancestors such as Wetini Taiporutu.

Alana Broughton gives an overview of the 4 Stories for the week of 16th – 20th of April 2023.



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