Don Raine On 93.2 Energy FM – New Plymouth, New Zealand (1988)


Don Raine On 93.2 Energy FM – New Plymouth, New Zealand (1988)

Recorded on 16 September 1988, this scoped aircheck features announcer Don Raine on Taranaki’s 93.2 Energy FM.

Energy FM commenced full-time operation in November of 1987, after nearly three years of short-term broadcasts to New Plymouth.

Please note that this recording was made approximately 200km away from Energy FM’s transmitter, and accordingly some static and interference is present.


– Energy FM was first established in 1984, after successfully applying for a short-term broadcast warrant.  The station broadcast on 92.6 FM (call-sign 2FMR) from a transmitter on top of the Taranaki Polytechnic building.  Energy FM’s first short-term broadcast lasted for a period of seven weeks throughout December 1984 and January 1985, with the first three weeks being commercial-free.

In December of 1985, Energy FM returned to the airwaves for a second short-term broadcast which also lasted for seven weeks.  This broadcast took place on 90.8 FM from a transmitter located on the concrete chimney at the New Plymouth Power Station.

Energy FM conducted two more short-term broadcasts.  The third took place on 90.8 FM during the summer of 1986/1987, while the fourth and final broadcast occurred on the same frequency during the winter of 1987.

On 30 November 1987, Energy FM commenced broadcasting on 93.2 FM (call-sign 2NRG) after it successfully applied for a full-time FM warrant.  Its transmitter was subsequently relocated to the eastern slopes of Mt. Taranaki, a site which provided widespread coverage across the province and beyond.  The first song played on the new full-time station was Wang Chung’s ‘Let’s Go’.

In 1994, relay transmitters of Energy FM were established in several towns on the western side of Mt. Taranaki that were sheltered from the main 93.2 FM signal.  These repeaters were 96.4 FM in Oakura, 100.0 FM in Okato and 92.4 FM in Opunake.

In 2005, 93.2 Energy FM was re-branded as 93.2 More FM.

In October 2010, More FM’s Oakura frequency was adjusted from 96.4 FM to 96.8 FM, while its Opunake frequency moved from 92.4 FM to 92.8 FM.  The frequency changes were required by The Ministry Of Economic Development as part of an effort to improve the management of New Zealand’s radio broadcasting spectrum.  These adjustments were two of over 250 changes required throughout New Zealand in the lead-up to April 2011, when the management rights to all radio broadcasting licenses were renewed for a twenty year period. 5:24


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